Five injured after pick up truck tumbles off Echo Park freeway

Jan 10, 2013

A pick up truck traveling on the northbound 2 Freeway veered off the highway this afternoon and tumbled across an Echo Park street, injuring five passengers, including three children. The white, Nissan Tundra landed upright on Allesandro Street near Whitmore Avenue after crashing through some brush and plunging more than 100 feet from the onramp, said CHP Officer R. Myrie.  The truck did not strike any persons or vehicles on the street that parallels the freeway.

It’s not clear what caused the truck to drive off the freeway, and no information was available about the nature of the victims’ injuries.

Zimry Sanchez, who pulled three children from the back seat of the truck, said the children and the two women in the front of the truck were bloodied but conscious when  he and other Allesandro Street residents emerged from their homes after hearing the truck tumble across the street.

A woman named Maria came out of her home and “saw something that was rolling over and over with a lot of smoke. Then I saw it was the truck.”

Allesandro was closed to traffic as the CHP conducted an investigation.

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