Echo Park cat owner wants neighbors to watch out for coyotes

Aug 8, 2012

Maceo. Photo courtesy Gabriel Roger

Maceo was a seven-year-old black cat that preferred to stay outdoors, said his owner, Gabriel Roger of Echo Park.  But, like many outdoor cats, Maceo, named after  a Jane’s Addition B-side track, was vulnerable to many risks, including coyotes. This morning,  Roger’s landlord discovered Maceo’s remains in their front yard near Mohawk Street and Montana Avenue.  They assume Maceo fell victim to a coyote. Now, Maceo wants other neighboring  pet owners to know that their cats and small dogs might at risk if left outdoors

My cat loved to be outside and would only stay in the perimeter of the property. I saw him myself laying out in between my house and the landlord’s house at 12am right before I went to bed. This morning he was found in the front yard with most of his body missing and the rest in pieces. My landlord has had three different people warn hear about coyotes while she walks her small dog near the area of Mohawk/Montana.

A few blocks away,  Silver Lake blogger  Will Campbell  ran across a pair of coyotes in the 1400 block of Benton Way and posted a brief video this morning.

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