Councilman proposes less dense development of Echo Park and Silver Lake hillsides

Jul 26, 2013

Echo Park home being demolished for new hillside development/Photo courtesy Echo Park resident

As builders ramp up construction of new homes across the area, newly elected Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has introduced a motion that would restrict the development of some hillsides across Echo Park and Silver Lake.

The proposal would reduce the number of building lots per acre based on the steepness of a slope in some areas covered by the Silver Lake-Echo Park-Elysian Valley Community Plan. “Generally, the steeper the slope, the fewer the number of permitted lots,” according to the motion. O’Farrell’s motion asks the city’s Planning Department to look into the feasibility of applying “slope density regulations” that are used in the Hollywood Hills to “appropriate areas” in Echo Park and Silver Lake.

“Slope density regulations are a valuable land use tool because it protects hillside residential neighborhoods by respecting aesthetics and community feel feel,” said the motion.

O’Farrell introduced the motion as developers seek to build more  projects under the city’s, small-lot ordinance, which permits more intensive development of lots for single-family homes.

The motion must still be approved by the full City Council.

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