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Jun 5, 2016

Barbara Abercrombie

Imagine five hours of soaking up the knowledge and experience of three respected authors, which also includes a writing workshop, a question and answer session, and the ever-loving prospect to buy more books. A perfect day, yes?

Flintridge Bookstore welcomes international bestselling author Anne Perry, anthology editor and author of The Bone Weaver Victoria Zackheim, and Distinguished Instructor Award-winning author Barbara Abercrombie to “Write Teachers” on July 17.

The difficulty may lie in who and what to choose. Two different session of two hours each are offered during the event and attendees must choose between authors and topics:

—Perry’s workshops discuss “To Outline… or Not to Outline?” and “Back Story: What Is It, and How to Use It?”
—Zackheim leads “Building Your Essay/Memoir from Start to Finish” and “The Acorn Class: You Have the Idea… Now What?”
—Abercrombie offers “Writing Your Life into Story” and “A Work-in-Progress Workshop” (enrollment limited)


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Margarita Tartakovky at Psych Central writes:

Barbara Abercrombie is the author of one of my favorite books: A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragement.

It’s a tome of insight. This is the book you keep within arm’s length as you’re writing. The book you turn to when your brain feels empty, and you don’t think you’ll compose anything coherent, let alone helpful, ever again. It’s the book you grab for support, kinship and wisdom into the writing process. (“How I Create: Q&A with Author Barbara Abercrombie” by Margarita Tartakovsky, associate editor at

Once the workshops conclude, guests are welcome to stay for a Q&A session and book signings.


Write Teachers
Sunday, July 17th, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Flintridge Bookstore, 1010 Foothill Blvd., La Cañada Flintridge 91011
Cost: $180, general public; $160, seniors, students & CWC members
Find registration at
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Courses Offered

Barbara Abercrombie
“Writing Your Life Into Story”: How to put your life on the page? As memoir, autobiography, personal essay or blog? This workshop will offer a nuts and bolts approach to each of these genres. Writing exercises will be given to help you discover which genre is best for your story.

“A Work-in-Progress Workshop”: Limited to 8 writers who have a work-in-progress in any genre. Each writer will have an opportunity to give a short description of their work and to read the first page (double spaced) of that work. Feedback, by instructor and peers, will be honest, constructive and positive.


Anne Perry

Anne Perry


Anne Perry
“To Outline…or Not to Outline?”: There are arguments both ways. What are the advantages? A good outline can help you order your thoughts and be sure you include everything you want to, and in the best order for clarity and power, and to elicit the emotions desired. You can see the development of the plot and catch any glitches. You can see the changes in your characters and the events that cause them. Above all, you can avoid ever getting ‘writer’s block’, because you will never lose sight of the passion and the depth of your story. Or wonder what comes next. In this course, you will create elements of the outline based on projects you’re working on now, or will do in the future.

“Backstory: What Is It, and How to Use It?”: It can be the foundation upon which the whole present story turns, or it can merely enrich the characters and make everything they do not only understandable, but inevitable, once you know! How do you put it in? Avoid information dumps, dreams, flashbacks etc. It must emerge bit by bit, tantalizingly, so in the end it makes sense of everything.


Victoria Zackheim

Victoria Zackheim


Victoria Zackheim
“Building Your Essay from Start to Finish”: Most essay courses assign a topic, students write, instructors give input. In this course, you’ll learn how to plot your essay, create the perfect opening paragraph to drive your reader forward, hungry for more—and then we’ll build your essay, a paragraph at a time.

“The Acorn Class”: We’ve all been struck by that acorn—that nut of an idea—but what to do with it? In this course, we’ll explore how one little idea…. an acorn of an idea… can be nurtured and developed into many media possibilities: short story or poem, feature film or documentary, essay, memoir, novel, theater play. You’ll share an idea and together we’ll explore the possibilities… and then you write!















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