NW by Zadie Smith

Feb 21, 2013

camden-market-16Zadie Smith knows London and, village by village, street by street, bus line by bus line, and tube stop by tube stop, she excels at dissecting the great city’s tiny moments, tribal loyalties, dialects and, most of all, anxieties.

In NW, she draws a portrait of London via its North West post codes, well outside most tourists’ routes, from Camden up past Enfield. We follow four ordinary Londoners, each with a unique story, style and time frame, who dramatically intersect in the best tradition of the novel.

A familiarity with London will only enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of this ambitious novel, but it is equally relevant to Angelenos who deal every day with questions of inequality, assimilation, and assumptions across gender, race and class. Not only is Smith smart, observant, and trenchant, she is also wickedly funny and sexy. Serious social commentary with a bit of a nod and a wink. Good fun and good food for thought.







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