Such a loving creature

Sep 12, 2012

Much of yesterday was spent crying.  I won’t be surprised if a lot of today is spent in tears.

Our Dear Leia, almost 15 years old, won’t be heading for the food dish anymore.  Her body has decided that it is tired of struggling with all sorts of health issues.   Sad news is she’s gone.  Good news is she doesn’t have to deal with a body that is old and tired.

So how to share a remembrance of her?

Story One – Leia Hair
The first time Kate came to the house after she and her family had moved to Portland,  she commented on the dog hair everywhere.  The comment was partially made nonverbally and occasionally coupled with occasional shallow sighs.  Out would come to broom and Kate would passionately sweep.  Then, half a day later, we’d hear, “Oh, dog”.  Here would come Leia wagging her tail and shaking her body from tip to tail. Someone had called so they must want to give her some love…probably some food, too.

Other times I’d hold her, put my hand on her mouth and she’d make great growly sounds.  Like the little child that acts all tough – but you know they’re all sweetness and light.  You can guess what my clothes looked liked after these exchanges.

Story Two – Puppy Mornings
We fell in love with Leia the moment we saw her at the Humane Society.  She was as cute as could be and there was something that resonated among us.  We had to wait two weeks before we could go to adopt her.  All of us needed to be present, and by golly, all of us were present.

As a puppy I would take her out to do her business first thing in the morning.  She understood what was needed and that there was a reward after she did her duty.

Into the house she’d come – she knew her food waited.  But, before she went to the dish, she would stop, give me some sweet, slow licks – all puppy breath and gentle love – and then go to her food.  She would eat with great abandon.  I didn’t train her to do that, it was just who she was – both parts.

Story Three – The Rocker

When she was little I would hold her and cuddle with her in our old, green rocker.  Sometimes she would fall asleep in my arms.
After a time we bought a second rocker that James and Leia used.  It gradually became her rocker when her skin began to act up and she left old dog smell on it.

Eventually her legs were so tired that she couldn’t get up in the rocker.  She would try, get stuck, and then look at us.  We would help her up and then she would lick our hands or face with that soft, gentle tongue of hers.  Then she’d let lose an old dog sigh and close her eyes.

Story Four –
Good dog, lucky people, sad day, warm memories.

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