On an almost clear day

Apr 22, 2012
It seems hard to keep up with the weather.  The past couple of days have had the sort of heat that kills plants that haven’t become established.  As proof at our house there are several alyssum that will never live to seed another day.    
It was just a week ago Friday that I took this photo from the landing at the entrance to Washington Middle School on Monk’s Hill, the highest point in Pasadena. 
 On an almost clear day  photo
The vista from the school is usually striking; Friday it was stunning. That’s the South Pasadena water tower off in the distance.
 On an almost clear day  photo
Looking to the west, the Hotel Bonaventure and companions in Los Angeles were very much present.
And the span of the valley looking east was vast.
 On an almost clear day  photo
Thanks to rain and the clouds for their help in framing these pictures.
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