Marvels, All

Apr 10, 2013

It was very thoughtful of our friend Karen Klein to wear her red top for this picture.  Well, I know she didn’t plan to be in the picture, but I couldn’t help but take the shot.  She was doing what most of the rest of us would be doing given the glory of the planting shed.

 Marvels, All  photo
James and I couldn’t decide if the shed was more like an apothecary or candy shop.  I think perhaps it was both; magical, orderly and decidedly sweet. 

 Marvels, All  photo
I had to marvel at the care that was evident in each garden. It was  evident in the small natural graces heuchera and grasses or

 Marvels, All  photo
in the boldness of a 50 foot boojum tree in Pasadena.
 Marvels, All  photo

A postscript of sorts.
Many of the gardens had help from gardeners; some of them business owners and some of them jornaleros.    Their work with the soil and plants is folded into the beauty of the gardens, but often forgotten.  I know I forgot about their part, until I was reminded of a special birthday.

4adc89dab2 02HUERTA 600 Marvels, All  photo
Poster by B. Cortez and B. Riley
 Happy 83rd birthday to Dolores Huerta, Co-founder of the United Farm Workers.

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