It’s off to the archives and more

May 22, 2012
Love writing to you, truly I do.  But this week I’m off  doing some research.  I’ll be giving a talk at The Blacker House on June 26.  It’s one of the At Home Series Event coordinated by Pasadena Museum of History.

I’ll primarily be talking about some of the earliest days of Pasadena via the lives of Arturo and Helen Elliott Bandini and some unexpected connections with the Valley Hunt Club, Greene and Greene architecture, Charles Lummis, and the Manhattan Project.
Following my time in the archives….James and I will be spending some familia time.  Probably won’t write, but I’ll thinking on the blog and blogreaders.  
So, while I’m gone, keep an eye on Larry.  No, never mind, he’ll keep an eye on you.  
 Its off to the archives and more  photo
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