Is it just me?

Oct 8, 2012
Given that there were a thousand people in our locally grown parade, it seems a rational thought to think that there might be coverage of an event.  Of those thousand people, the vast majority were students from the Mother’s Club, PUSD Elementary through High Schools, PCC, and Caltech.  
An example of the groups that participated was the Visual Arts and Design Academy of Pasadena High School.  These students produced the beautiful banners you see.  Their work was informed by the history of our community.  They listened to a one hour lecture, did research on their own and then translated that knowledge into to a task that is a splendid combination of Project Based and Cooperative Learning.  
I want to thank the Pasadena Weekly and Altadenablog for writing about the parade and jamaica prior to Saturday.  
I think this would have been a great image highlighting some of the positive things that are taking place in PUSD.  I have to wonder if anyone saw post event images, or did I just manage to miss them?

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