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Jan 2, 2018

Some years ago when I first started writing this blog, my intent was to use it as a means to an end.  I didn’t have the end defined, so the blog has often wafted about.  Sometimes it’s equal parts journal and newsletter.  Other times it’s like that letter that you mean to write and send to friends & love ones.  At one point I thought I would write and then make some sort of a literary collection of thoughts.  But  life happens and any direction I might have had planned takes second place to the experience at hand.

Perfect example was this past December.  I knew that I had to prep for a trip to Portland.  Younger nieta was going to be in a recital and since I’d never seen her perform, and since I can still drive, it seemed a perfect excuse for a trip.  Due to limitation set by work James could only come as far as San Francisco with me, so we made it a semi-staycation date night.  I managed to get to an exhibit at the California Historical Society, while James wandered about the area, and then we were off via bus to dinner in North Beach.  I have only memories and no pictures to share.  Sigh.

Next day he flew home, thank you SW commuter rates,  and I drove through freezing fog in the Rogue River Valley.  It’s a real thing this freezing fog and it is to be respected.   It’s pretty spooky when the fog here lands on the ground.  Best to drive when there is light and the ground isn’t frozen.

A week later, with a day or two of intense Christmas Shopping while the familia was at school and work,

then up early to drive back to Pasadena with stops in Ashland and Sacramento.

Familia from Portland was due a couple of days before Christmas, but arrived earlier than expected.  Somehow the two week gap between my returning home and their arriving became five (5) days.  While more time together is always a gift,  that gift threw us all of- balance.  We survived.  We flourished, even.

There was time for a trip to Mt. Wilson

and the Dawley Household.  My mother-in-law had the gift of picking the right gift for teens and tweens.  Comadre Hilda now owns that position.

James and our yerno, Matt, gave me a great gift.  My shed now has insulation.  The hours I can spend working in it have been increased.  Yay.  And I have yet another surface to paint.  Happy me.

We even had time to do a quick bit of Christmas decorating.  
Las nietas were in charge this year so it had a bit of a different spin.  
I made a remark about not having a star for the top of our tree…ta da, Lili solved that problem.  
It reminds me of the Christmas Star in Raton, CO.

We made time to do our gingerbread creation decorating. When it turned out we didn’t have stands  for the items that needed them, Las Nietas decided decided the people were making “snow angels” and I decided that the reindeer was bucking; worked for us.
They left and before we knew it, here comes New Years.
First, there was the more formal picture of Comadre Sylvia and me. 
In 2018 we celebrate 50 years of friendship.  
Then came the delicious dinner; thanks Greg and Hilda.  It was delish!

 And then it was time for the less formal pics and a gaggle of giggles to start the year off right.

Happy New Year, all.

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