2225, Day Three – more sentences

Mar 4, 2015

Preparing for the great Pirate Birthday party to take place the next day at the Lucky Lab.  Cupcakes baked.  Pirate gear prepped for the party.

The morning began with a vena.  Oatmeal cooked slow.  Nothing so instant that you boil water, open a package, and dump the contents of package and pot into a bowl.  Nope this was done following the  adult directions that accompany a family meal. Get the placemats, the silverware. Are your hands clean, are there spoons on the table?

Then the baking begins.  First the cupcakes, then the cake.  Blueberry cake.  Needed to be blue.  It’s a Pirate themed party.  Frosting needs to be blue, too.  Cupcake that didn’t “work out” becomes a boat being eaten by a shark.  Octopus is threatening in its own way.

Icing needs to look like the ocean.  Bit of a rolling ocean if possible.

Surprise-Nana-opportunity to be lead cake decorator.  Girls drew design, Kate helped edit design, I made frosting and frosted, Girls placed items on cake.

Party a success.  Even the child who wasn’t an invited guest – a guest of a guest – had a good time.

Thanks, Cheli, for waiting to have your party until we could come to Portland from Pasadena.

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