Wondering How to Convert a 33m² Apartment Into a Stylish Loft?

Imagine transforming a 33m² apartment into a trendy, light-filled loft. This is exactly what the co-founders of June agency achieved in the heart of .

The architects managed to gain extra square footage by removing the ceilings and creatively utilising the attic space. The lower level now accommodates a chic living area, a modern , a quaint dining space, and a sizable closet, all seamlessly integrated.

The Charm of the Mezzanine Level

The sleeping area was cleverly positioned on the mezzanine level. A large skylight was inserted, allowing natural light to flood the space, creating an airy, spacious feel.

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Interior Design: Light and Bright

The choices were meticulously selected. The predominant use of white color helps in avoiding a cramped feeling. Openings in glass allow for breathtaking views of both the below and the sky above. The choice of light-colored wood for the flooring, coupled with similarly-toned walls, complements and highlights the eclectic mix of colorful scattered throughout the apartment.

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Space Optimization

The architects have shown great ingenuity in optimizing the space. Appliances and facilities are smartly hidden under the stairs. The large closet is conveniently accessible from the living room, offering practical and easy access to storage.

Key Furniture and Items

Other items include the “Chambord” gold coffee maker from Bodum, the “Méo” fruit basket from Made in Design, Søstrene Grene cutting boards and bedside table, Autumn cotton and linen bedding, and “Towel Mini kit” bath towels.

The finishing touches include a “Bondi” wall light and a yellow mirror from Sentou, a Moumout' toiletry bag, and Compagnie de Provence “Version Originale” soap, alongside small vases from Hema.

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