Beware! Check out This 25m² Studio’s Shocking Feng Shui Twist!

Dive into this mesmerizing 25m² studio, a decorated with an intelligent layout and a dynamic color scheme. It isn't just a space; it's a sanctuary inspired by the water element of , which is the guiding force behind its interior vibe.

Feng Shui: Incorporating the Water Element

Distinctiveness is achieved through a green color scheme that adorns the studio's entryway and ceilings. This is not just a choice; it's an explicit representation of the water element in feng shui.

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Inspiration: La Muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill

The studio's colorful palette takes theming from La Muralla Roja, a creation by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill. This influence adds depth and style to the overall layout.

The Balance of Colors

But feng shui is all about balance. The water element represented by the green color is balanced with the use of white and “fire” tones. Adding to the balance are warm and vibrant – copper, terracotta, violet, pink, and fluorescent orange – that create a Californian atmosphere.

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Adding Charm with Vintage Mid-Century Furniture

The studio's charm is enhanced by vintage mid-century furniture and objects, which add to the vibrant ambiance. Not to forget, these pieces are also a nod to classic design eras.

Optimized Space Layout

The space has been cleverly optimized by transforming the studio into a two-room space with partial separation. A stairway cutout in the wall ensures maximum light and preserves bedroom privacy – a classic example of intelligent design.

Furnishing from Renowned Retailers

Outdoor Space

Stepping outside, the studio boasts an outdoor space equipped with garden chairs and an outdoor rug. It's a perfect place to unwind in the open air.

Bedroom and Bathroom Details

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