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Candy Bar ’75: Part Two

Candy Bar ’75: Part Two
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Editor’s Note: It’s a “stagnant” summer in Diamond Bar in 1975 and Darlene and her friend Deanna are headed to the club to check out the cute lifeguard Steve. Read Part One here. “Let’s head to the club now,” Deanna continues after a long slurp. “I think that new lifeguard Steve likes me. I wanna stare […]

Candy Bar ’75

Candy Bar ’75

June 16th, 1975 Another stagnant summer morning in Diamond Bar. My brothers Keith and Danny are still in bed. Downstairs, my mom’s rattling something around in the kitchen. I’ve been hanging around my room all morning, not doing much of anything. I read in a magazine the other day that teenage girls should get more […]


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