Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Raises Questions, Conspiracies

Aug 12, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while detained in a prison this weekend


Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of sexually abusing young girls, was found dead Saturday morning after he had apparently hanged himself. This happened a couple weeks after Epstein was said to have been taken off suicide watch at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, where he had tried to kill himself on July 23, officials said. Many are questioning how this could have happened.  Attorney General William Barr now says there were “serious irregularities” in the correctional facility. We take a look at the issue.


Sadie Gurman, Justice Department reporter for the Wall Street Journal who has been following the story

Christine Tartaro, professor of criminal justice at Stockton University in New Jersey and an expert in corrections and suicide in correctional facilities; she has served as a research consultant to state and local correctional departments and worked for the New Jersey Department of Corrections evaluating the state residential community release program

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