Agreement Reached On Contentious Bill That Would Restrict New Charter Schools

Aug 29, 2019

A student walks toward an entrance of the historic "R Building" on the campus of L.A. Unified's Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights.

A student walks toward an entrance of the historic “R Building” on the campus of L.A. Unified’s Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights.; Credit: Kyle Stokes/KPCC


On Wednesday, the teachers unions and charter school supporters came to a compromise on Assembly Bill 1505, a bill that would set restrictions on the creation of new charter schools. 

The deal will give public school districts more power to nix charter school petitions, create a tighter credentialing process and set a 2 year pause on virtual charters. 

Governor Newsom’s aides helped negotiate the compromise with both sides. 

We get the latest on the deal. Plus, if you’re a public school or charter parent, what do you think of the bill? Or if you are a teacher or administrator, how might this affect you? Call us at 866-893-5722.  

We reached out to Governor Newsom, United Teachers Los Angeles and the California Charter Schools Association. They were not able to join us for the interview.


Howard Blume, education reporter at the Los Angeles Times; he tweets @howardblume

John Fensterwald, reporter at EdSource, where his recent piece is “Governor, lawmakers agree on new controls on California charter schools”; he tweets @jfenster

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