Wanna Cheeseburger?

Jan 4, 2016
Dog Haus burger

Dog Haus burger

Once again the year begins with burger meat.

And a slice of…what? Emmentaler? Wisconsin cheddar? Or maybe crumbles of Berkshire Blue? Shall it be a bare bones classic burger or one topped with anything from fried eggs and french fries to pineapple rings and carrot strings?

January 10-15 is the 4th Annual Cheeseburger Week, where Lionel Sternberger is honored “for being the first to put cheese to burger and serve it to a customer in 1924 at the Rite Spot in Pasadena.”


[Lionel Sternberger is said to have invented the cheeseburger in the mid-1920s at this roadside snack stand on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. Pictured is Lionels father, Herman Sternberger. The stand was later rebuilt as a restaurant named the Rite Spot. The photograph was displayed in at least one restaurant later operated by the family and appears to have been labeled to reflect the franchise name. (Photo courtesy of Don Sternberger)] *** []

Photo courtesy of Don Sternberger


Over 40 restaurants participate and there are such events as “Cheeseburger Crawls” and the “Cheeseburger Challenge.” Voting for favorites—best lunch counter burger, turkey burger, veggie burger, gourmet burger—is welcome.

You may need to pace yourself; some of these burgers look big enough to feed a small family…


Burger by The Counter

Burger by The Counter


From Alondra Hot Wings and Du-pars to Bacchus’ Kitchen and Vertical Wine Bistro, from good ol’ basic burgers to burgers bordering on non-burgers, the results are varied, bizarre, divine, experimental, and fun. How can one resist?


Lamb burger by Haven Gastropub + Brewery

Lamb burger by Haven Gastropub + Brewery



2016 Cheeseburger Week
Sunday, Jan. 10th-Friday, Jan. 15th
Location: All over Pasadena; full list of participants here
For full details, visit

Pasadena Cheeseburger Week is hosted by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.


Slater's 50/50 Old Timey burger

Slater’s 50/50 Old Timey burger


Cheeseburger photos thanks to Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.



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