Vegetarian Dinners, Meat Lovers & Black Squid

Aug 2, 2015

12360_574250279301939_1683281239_nThere are 7 Continents and 7 Oceans on the globe. There are 7 Colors in the rainbow and 7 Notes on the musical scale.

There is a pattern of 7 Stars, which are guiding stars (The Big Dipper) and there are 7 Objects in the solar system that are visible to the naked eye.

There are 7 Metals of antiquity upon which civilization is based, and 7 Levels in the periodic table of elements.

There will be 7 different courses for each of our Augusts’ Fridays events which will take place on the perfect multiple of seven!

Such is the word from Luisa Fabbri of Contessa Collections and Chocolates on South Lake in the Burlington Arcade.

The dinners are held at the Contessa Chocolate location about halfway down the arcade. It’s a tight fit, but also perfect for an intimate dinner for six, with addition of Luisa as the hostess and her assistant cooks. Learn about a variety of olive oils, ancient grains, as well as “the values of real food, of passion and traditions!”


Pasta! (All photos courtesy of Contessa's)

Pasta! (All photos courtesy of Contessa’s)


People are welcome to reserve a seat on one of the nights listed below or Luisa has mentioned to us that other nights are available if a group of six would like a supper and an evening together. Call to ask about dates and possible menus.

Below, please find Contessa’s Friday night dinner dates and the focus of the evening’s cuisine. If the tagliatelle we enjoyed one afternoon is any indication, you’re in for a delicious evening…

Friday August 7th, 5 p.m.
This will be the perfect Vegetarian experience!

Friday August 14th, 5 p.m.
Risotto al Nero di Seppia
(Black Squid Ink risotto)

Friday August 21st, 5 p.m
This will be the perfect Vegetarian experience!

Friday August 28th, 5 p.m.
Meat Lovers are not forgotten… this one is for you!

Luisa says, “Warning, some Italian will always be spoken!


Contessa's version of strawberries Brule

Contessa’s version of strawberries Brule


Dinner at Contessa
Fridays, starts promptly at 5 p.m., runs 1+ hours
Contessa Chocolate Collection
380 S. Lake Ave., #111, Pasadena 91101
Cost: $50, limit 6 persons
For reservations, call 1.626.793.7761
For dates of upcoming dinners, join Contessa’s email list
See videos and daily info on the Contessa Facebook page


As Luisa says, “Grazie, buon appetito e a presto!”

Contessa's homemade gnudi

Contessa’s homemade gnudi


All photos of Contessa cuisine are simply examples of Luisa’s fine food and are not guaranteed to be on any of the menus of upcoming dinners. All photos courtesy of Contessa Chocolate Collection.


Puttanesca sauce with Pasta Fabbri

Puttanesca sauce with Pasta Fabbri


Contessa seems to enjoy its waffles. Call or check its Facebook page for the waffle of the moment…

Chocolate and strawberries with balsamic waffles

Chocolate and strawberries with balsamic waffles


Maria Luisa Fabbri with her family at Pasta Fabbri, which was founded by Giovanni Fabbri in 1893…




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