Nekter Comes to Pasadena

Aug 16, 2015

Neckter_1aIt’s all about the juice. The cold press. The cleanse. And, of course, acai (or açaí).

“Juicers” love their fruit and veggies in liquid form and now they’ll have another option in Pasadena: Nekter Juice Bar.

Steve and Alexis Schulze founded Nekter five years ago in their local community of Costa Mesa and now have franchises around California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado.

We found a day-by-day story written by Lindsay at, who was offered a free 3-day cleanse from Nekter. Though this was a collaboration, it did read as though Nekter’s products worked for her. After three days of Neckter’s Advanced Cleanse, Lindsay writes that she felt less bloated “from poor eating over Halloween” and it helped to “reset” her cravings (no longer pine for red meat and crazy amounts of sugar products).


Nekter co-founders Steve and Alexis Schulze

Nekter co-founders Steve and Alexis Schulze


When purchasing a cleanse, Nekter provides a green insulated cooler bag that will hold one day’s worth of bottles. Lindsay writes that on the second day, the #1 juice tastes “better this time around.” Nekter’s skinny lemonade with filtered water, lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and agave is singularly her favorite.

Juice #3 has carrots, celery, kale, parsley, spinach, and ginger and reminded Lindsay of V-8, “but fresh and better.” Juice #4 is the Skinny Lemonade.

Her only comment at this point: “Mental toughness.”

Late afternoon, Day One, around 5 p.m., Lindsay opens juice #5 that’s made with celery, lemon, apple, kale, parsley, beets, and dandelion greens, which she enjoys. The first day ends with juice #6 that’s made from cashews, water, dates, cinnamon, and nutmeg. She loves it, especially because it is nice and thick. On day 2, Lindsay also likes that the nut milk feels like it is coating her stomach. As Lindsay has had the experience of cleansing before, about a half a dozen times, her method may be worth noting: She keeps very busy. Busy with work, with socializing, with exercise. And a bulldog mentality – no cheating, no giving up.

So if cleansing is your thing or something you’d like to try, drop by Nekter’s Pasadena location and make inquiries. (Let us know how it goes.)




Important note: Lindsay spends a few paragraphs discussing her first post-cleanse meal. This meal is vital—in order that all of the effort getting through a 3-day cleanse and the subsequent benefits do not vanish over a steak and egg breakfast followed by pancakes and home fries. Though she hadn’t planned this, on Lindsay’s first morning post-cleanse, she returns to Nekter and orders one of the smoothies.

I broke the fast with a Pumpkin Pie smoothie. It had pumpkin, cinnamon, dates, and nutmeg in it. It was not sweet at all, which was just what I needed. I drank the smoothie and bought a bottled “Sweetie Pie” juice to have later in the day. (

After this, Lindsay has some raw food (zucchini noodles), as her doctor had recommended, and ends the day with a veggie/sweet potato roast. She concludes by saying, “Overall, I am feeling great and, even days later, I continue to feel the benefits of the juice cleanse.”




The Nekter classic cleanse runs $40 a day, though if courage is a character trait, the 5-day classic cleanse runs $20 a day. Nekter’s advanced cleanse is priced similarly. According to the company website, 15 pounds of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables may be had in a single day’s cleanse.

From Lindsay’s journey, we’re almost convinced to give Nekter’s cleanse a try, too, but Lindsay appears to be a juice cleanse veteran. Maybe we’ll start small. Maybe we’ll start with some Pumpkin Pie.


Nekter Juice Bar, 345 S. Lake Ave., Suite 110, Pasadena 91101. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Tel.: 1.818.928.3300. Also, find Nekter on Facebook and Twitter.


Nekter Juice Bar Pasadena and juice drink photos, courtesy of Nekter Juice Bar

All Nekter Juice Bar Pasadena and juice drink photos, courtesy of Nekter Juice Bar




Juices from the in-store menu include The Greenie, Toxin Flush, Green Apple Detox, The Little Beet, The Sublime, and The Buzz. Choose according to desire: want an appetite suppressant, a pick-me-up, a “tummy soother”? Size and price: 16 oz., $5.50; 24 oz., $7.50, and 32 oz., $9.50.

Smoothies come in flavors such as chocolate dream, berry banana burst, popeye’s açaí, and pink flamingo. Price: $4.95-$6.95.

Açaí bowls vary with add-ons, but all have hempseed granola. Price: $6.50-$7.

Wheatgrass and a ginger shot also available. Price: $1.50-$3.50.



Photo courtesy of Nekter Juice Bar


Nekter Juice Bar
345 S. Lake Ave., Suite 110
Pasadena 91101



Photo, lemons whole and sliced, by liz west from Boxborough, MA (citrus) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. John Smith says:

    This is great news! I live near Pasadena and I’m a big fan of juicing. Juicing really helped me while I was recovering from surgery. I was at Pearl, post op and they really took great care of me. They used juicing instead of regular food while I recovered. I’m definitely checking this place out when I’m in the neighborhood



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