Marco Paolo Spiced Pumpkin with Burnt Caramel

Oct 5, 2015



“Spiced pumpkin with burnt caramel.”

For us, those words create visions of fall and plant ghost-flavors on the tongue.

Spiced pumpkin with burnt caramel is the new fall flavor, along with passionfruit and ginger, from Marco Paolo Chocolates and may be sampled at the Artisanal L. A. fall show at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles on October 10 and 11.

Mark Lewis admits that chocolate is an obsession and his love for chocolate “life-long.” His goal? “Creating flavor harmony.”


Pomegranate with aged balsamic truffle

Pomegranate with aged balsamic truffle; all photos, Marco Paolo Chocolates


Initially, Lewis was captivated by a Scotch Bonnet truffle made by a shop in his neighborhood, which has since gone out of business. He states that they were not too sweet and had a “deceivingly spicy tiny morsel that melted in your mouth and left a lasting tingling impression.” He was inspired and started making his own. Experimenting continued with various successes and failures. Ultimately, Lewis took classes at the Chocolate Academy in Chicago with French chocolatiers. He returned home with a mission: re-create “the fabulous two-layered chocolate pralines they’d prepared in Chicago”…

but unable to afford the special equipment to make them, he decided to layer two different ganaches in molded chocolate shells. Thus, he became one of the few chocolatiers to make two-layered paired ganache truffles.

He then became intrigued with choosing flavors that were unique and complimentary, but would also enhance the tasting experience. That is how he learned to extend the flavor experience by utilizing the concept of flavor notes. (




Lewis wants everyone to embark on a “sense-venture.” We admit we’re a chocolate inhaler (chew, chew, swallow) and Lewis would like all of us to slow the process. Here’s how:

Secure one of his truffles (they’re too beautiful to drop!) and take a small bite from top to bottom in order to get the outside chocolate and the two layers of flavor, then chew a few times and stop. Let the layers melt in your mouth to enjoy the full range of flavors, delicacy, and complexity.

From the very first bite, the flavors combine to dance upon the palate like notes of a symphony.


All photos: Marco Paolo Chocolates


Marco Paolo Chocolates at Artisanal L. A. Fall Show
Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 10th-11th, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
The Reef, 1933 S. Broadway, L. A. 90007; south of 10 Fwy and east of 110 Fwy
Tickets: In advance, $12 daily or $18, weekend; $15 at the door
Purchase at
For complete details, visit event Facebook page



All photos: Marco Paolo Chocolates


Other Marco Paolo flavors:

  • Raspberry with pink peppercorns and mint
  • Lemon basil kiss
  • Pomegranate with aged balsamic
  • Coconut cilantro with dark lime
  • Elderberry and lavender vanilla
  • Espresso with anise marzipan dark milk chocolate
  • Mango red chili gelee and dark lime
  • Morello cherry and chive
  • Pineapple and burnt caramel
  • Tamarind tea with green cardamom




Marco Paolo Chocolates are created at the innovative, helpful, and marvelous Chef’s Center of Pasadena at 45 N. San Gabriel Blvd., Pasadena 91107. Have a food idea that you want to tweak and expand? Want to mass produce and start selling to the public and solicit local stores? Chef’s Center helps A to Z. The organization helped Mother Moo Creamery, which is now an establishment of three years and eight employees in Sierra Madre, the much-loved Coolhaus began its successful journey at Chef’s Center, and Mama’s Hot Tamales began at Chef’s Center in 2012.




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