Crepes de Paris

Nov 4, 2014

IMG_4784Hometown Pasadena’s teenage consultant “DW” had a yen for crêpes this past weekend, so naturally she Googled, finding Crepes de Paris on Fair Oaks Avenue, just south of Green Street. We drive by it twice and almost settle for Amara,(which anyone knows is not settling), but we do succeed…by literally stumbling into it.

Aside: We blame our inability to quickly and efficiently pinpoint CdeP’s location on our “let’s go out for breakfast” idea that was not being actualized until 1:15 p.m., which is normally called lunchtime.

We remember this location from when it was a dark, quiet cafe with an outdoor patio area. Now the patio is full of wrought iron tables and chairs with bright red umbrellas. Our Francophile soul melts a bit as we step inside and regard sunny yellow walls, faux windows with shutters, an long, open-back bench, and rattan French bistro chairs. The tables are covered by white tablecloths with a rendering of the Eiffel Tower under the glass, the walls have stenciling and shutters of green, the floor’s black ‘n white tile, while red pops from carnations in vases on the tables. The illusion is such that if we could hear the lilt of French emanating from the other diners’ mouths, we’d believe we’ve been miraculously transported to République française. Ce serait incroyable.

We find a table, more booth-like than the others, that overlooks the ample courtyard. Our lattes come quickly, look pretty, and taste fine. Not outstanding or remarkably delicious, but fine.




Shorty thereafter, our crêpes arrive. DW has ordered the simple ham and cheese crêpe (pictured below). She had a choice of gruyere or mozzarella, choosing the latter, and the dish is accompanied by a honey mustard. She samples, , contemplates during a series of bites, and judges it tasty. Ultimately, she says she’d prefer the pieces of ham to be smaller and more thinly sliced, but the overall flavor is good.




We have chosen the St. Louis crêpe (below), which includes mozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a choice of ham or turkey. We prefer ham in the morning and do not mind the size or thickness of the pieces. The sauce has a hint of herb and is slightly spicy, which we consider fitting, and declare it delicious. Despite the large portion, we leave our plate clean (reasoning that we’ll skip lunch).


crepes de paris_a


DW orders a Royal crêpe to go and can’t resist taste testing on the way home. She declares the whipped cream not delicious and even a bit odd tasting (we concur), and the nutella overpowers the banana and strawberry slices (we triple concur).

The biggest hurdle, though, that keeps us from singing CdeP’s praises is that the crêpes themselves are not what we are used to or normally enjoy. They are very yellow and DW, president of her school’s baking club, concludes that the egg content is higher than usual. Also, the crêpes are rather thick. A crêpe is the gentle wrapping around a variety of delicious fillings, not a close neighbor to an omelet, n’est pas?

That being said, we will return during proper breakfast hours for another St. Louis, as this sort of crêpe works for a breakfast item, and we’ll return because Crepes de Paris is picturesque and the ambience charming, which is irresistible to a lover of all things French.




Crepes de Paris, 84 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena 91105. Tel.: 626.666.3908. Crêpes, savory: $5.95-$13.95. Crêpes, sweet: $4.65-$8.95. The website appears unfinished, so no “About Us” appears for viewing and no business hours are listed, though Yelp says that the cafe is open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Fair Oaks is one of five locations in the greater L.A. area.









6 Responses for “Crepes de Paris”

  1. Melinda Lissauer says:

    I certainly concur with your impression of this restaurant. My fiance and I have been there twice and have been disappointed each time. The crepes are ‘way too thick while the fillings are tasty. There is a crepe place in Burbank near the AMC and while the restaurant itself is fairly charmless, the food is TERRIFIC so we have made the choice of which is more important and I am sorry but Burbank wins this war!

  2. Kat Ward says:

    Melinda, would you be willing to share the name of said terrific restaurant to find crepes in Burbank? ‘Cause some Ikea run may give us just the excuse to try it out.

  3. Melinda Lissauer says:

    Hi Kat –

    I am not sure about the name but I think it is THE FRENCH CREPE COMPANY. You can see the movie theatre complex from the 5 freeway (we had gone to see “Gone With The Wind on big screen the day we found the restaurant) and the address is Palm Street even though the restaurant doesn’t actually front onto the street. It is off San Fernando and it is set back across from the pedestrian entrance to the movie theatre. It is also near Ben & Jerry’s and Cold Stone so you can guess we didn’t have dessert in the same place! Give it a try and I hope you like it!!

  4. Denise A says:

    You might like Monsieur Crepe in Sierra Madre. It’s a small place, serving mostly crepes, but also sandwiches & salads. Their crepes are delicious and seem very authentic. Sandwiches and salads are very good, too. I have been there many times, and really love their food. The owners & staff are very friendly. I highly recommend it!

  5. Kat Ward says:

    Thank you, Denise. We did eat there when they were just opened and spoke with the owner hoping to set up a time so we could feature Monsieur Crepe on HP, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll try again! And, we did enjoy the crepes, as well. Much appreciated.



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