Antigua Bread

Jul 19, 2015

Nancy_J_Antigua_BreadA friend of mine who’s a chef and of Mexican descent introduced us to what has become one of our favorite breakfast spots: Antigua Bread on Huntington Drive just a bit west of Fremont Avenue, a combination of Guatemalan and American cuisine.

We meet one early morning and after receiving a strong, rich latte, we demur to our friend’s breakfast suggestions as she’s never steered us wrong, though we do insist on one choice, our “regular,” the Antigua Breakfast ($7.25, photo right).

Ever since our first visit to Versailles on Venice Boulevard in Culver City, when we ordered the classic #6—a roasted half chicken with crispy skin sitting in a pool of lemon garlic sauce with sliced onions and sides of rice, black beans, and platanos maduros fritos or fried ripe bananas—we’ve been hooked, especially since our dining mates are not usually platanos fans, so we always have extra to eat and enough to enjoy at home.

Antigua Breakfast: Eggs over medium with black beans, platanos fritos, crema, queso fresco, salsa fresca, and tortillas. We’re not sure we need say any more…




How can one resist perfectly fried eggs with broken yolks running into black beans, being scooped up with a spoonful of crema (a bit like crème fraîche) and salsa? The mixture of flavors on the tongue ensure that the day has begun in a positive fashion. Swallow and add a bite of platanos fritos and our morning is venturing into nirvana territory.

The eyes of the young woman taking our order widens as the two of us keep ordering more and more, but she doesn’t raise an eyebrow or scan our far-from-size-2 bodies, which we appreciate. She simply brings all 4 dishes to our table of two and leaves us to our own devices.




Antigua’s chilaquiles ($7.50) have freshly fried tortilla chips topped with over medium eggs, queso fresco, cilantro, salsa verde, rice and pinto beans. We’ve never been a huge pinto beans fan, but Antigua’s pinto beans are very flavorful and begin our conversion; and chef decides that Antigua’s Mexican rice is now one of her favorites (other than her own, of course).

The salsa verde is fresh and thick without being gloppy and the queso fresco marvelously curdy and buttery. The next time we come for breakfast, our choice will not be so simple—our regular Antigua Breakfast or chilaquiles? It will be a marvelously difficult decision.




Chef chose, too, the Mañanero breakfast ($8.95) that comes with two chorizo links, two eggs, black beans, platanos fritos, crema and handmade tortillas. She finds the chorizo extra delicious and explains that these are Central American-style—not cured, and the meat is seasoned and cooked, then put into casings; very fresh and meatier, richer, and fattier than traditional links or the more lean, more seasoned, usually crumbled Mexican chorizo.

The crema is traditionally used with the plaintains, she says. Platanos are bought very black, so they are very sweet, which also gives them the fermented, almost alcoholic taste (like buttery rum in a breakfast treat!). She declares them perfectly ripe, perfectly cooked, and browned to perfection. We simply devour them.




Antigua Bread also serves burritos—we bought a steak burrito ($5.95) with scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, potatoes, and jack and cheddar cheeses…




…and pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and omelets, but we are unable to give it its due as we’re beyond full. Antigua Bread’s other menu items will have to wait for another day, or another lifetime, as we’ve found two new favorite dishes to add to our standard and we’re fairly positive we’ll have no need to deviate.


Antigua Bread, 5597 Huntington Drive North, El Sereno 90032. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Tel.: 1.323.276.7820. Find Antigua Bread on Facebook.









2 Responses for “Antigua Bread”

  1. Chapin says:

    Isn’t this a Guatemalan style food mostly ? check w/ the owner !!!

  2. Kat Ward says:

    Right you are! We’ve updated the article to reflect this fact. Thank you, Chapin!



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