The Last Letter

Sep 4, 2017

You told me be another and taped
her bio to my face—curls alight at
every curve. Couldn’t because—
my hair

split at each end—I’m not. Since
then, my bones have chipped to
landscapes unknown before. I am
writing to ask,

do you know there’ll soon be no
more elephants? Tusks turned to
necklaces. Remember how we’d
dress each other

in hand-me-downs? Now we’re all
worn out. You’re not my mother,
but I loved you like void. Forgive
me; I wanted.

so much wanting. Please help. I
cannot understand, what of Ivory
is worth more than Elephants?


© “The Last Letter” from chapbook “Elephants” by Cheryl Gross and Nicelle Davis.



About “Elephants” from Cheryl and Nicelle:

While attempting to quantify empathy and love, scientists have found that footage of elephant rescues are most likely to inspire such emotions in humans; it seems ironic then that elephants are on the endangered animal list, with a projected extinction date of 2020.

The illustrated poetry chapbook “Elephants” by Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross makes the leap that killing elephants marks the death of humanity. While people may exist without elephants, something of empathy and love dies with these sentinel beings.

Elephants can be pre-ordered at Business Bear Press:

It is a full-color, hand-bound chapbook with a limited print run of 80 copies.

Release Date August: 26 (advanced orders will be shipped on the 25th).

For every copy purchased, $5 will be donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee (licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency).


Photo credit: The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.


Photo credit: The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.


Photo credit: The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.


For more details and photographs, visit The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee on Facebook.






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