Nov 5, 2012

Happy Election Day!

We’ve got to say that now because at the end of the day (we hope this is decided today), one political camp is not going to be in a celebratory mood. But for now, it is a beautiful morning, hope abounds for all, and so we wish everyone a Happy Election Day.

Regardless of which presidential candidate you support, which way you lean on prop 30, 31, 32, (etcetera, etcetera), or whether you’re a Feinstein or Emken fan, we hope you engage in the privilege and right of casting your vote.

Editor’s Note: Every election cycle, I have risen a bit earlier than usual, made breakfast and packed her lunch a bit quicker, then taken my daughter in hand and walked to our neighborhood polling place. 

Hardly able to see above the table (so many years ago), she watched how the election workers checked me in, flipping page after page of names, checking and double-checking. She stood on her tiptoes, fingers gripping the table’s edge as I signed my name and received my ballot. Her little hand made a grab for it and when I entrusted her with it, she held it with two hands as we walked to the voting booth. I let her close the curtain (when we used to have curtains) and I showed her how the paper ballot slid in, making sure to align it correctly before I demonstrated how to “punch” an ink blot to indicate my choice. She loved when the poll workers fawned over her and gave her an “I voted” sticker which she proudly wore over the years to daycare, to preschool, and then to elementary school.

Now as a high school freshman, she’ll probably choose to sleep in rather than accompany me to the polls at the “ungodly” hour of 6:45 a.m. She said she felt conflicted, but the allure of an extra 20 minutes of sleep propelled her to touch my arm and assure me that I had indeed imparted in her the importance of voting and that I could count on her to take her responsibilities seriously when she turned 18 and could finally vote, which is in four years time and, coincidentally, the next presidential election. Who shall her choices of candidates be then? Hillary? Christie?

Should be interesting; I can’t wait.



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