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Thaddeus Russell and his Renegade History of the US, at Vroman’s

First, there was the history of the United States. Then, there was A People’s History of the United States. Now, there is A Renegade History of the United States, by a man with a name almost as iconoclastic-sounding as Zinn: Thaddeus Russell, who was fired from a gig at Barnard for (he claims) teaching his […]

The Old Pasadena Film Festival, 2011

Now in its fourth year, the Old Pasadena Film Festival is four weekends of good, free movies, ranging in vintage from 1944 (National Velvet, July 22nd) to 1995 (Clueless, this Thursday!). Nearly all the screenings are at One Colorado, with a grand total of two (2) at Central Park. All screenings start at 8:00 p.m. […]

The San Marino Motor Classic

San Marino, one might reasonably assume, has more than its fair share of beautiful classic cars. Per capita. So does Pasadena, if the recent Old Town Ferrari Show is any indication (not that all Ferraris are classics, but you know what we mean). Even if you’re not what is known in the culture as a […]

Border’s Books

A multimedia megastore, with books, a good collection of CDs (including world music, jazz and classical), DVDs, a decent newsstand, a large children’s section, lots of greeting cards and a popular café. Other locations in Glendale and in the Santa Anita Mall. 475 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena 626.304.9773, borders.com


Flintridge Books

Lyd and Mo Photography

Louis Jane Studios

Homage Pasadena