Camelot Where You Are, #6

Sep 19, 2012

Today’s entry is from Lauren, otherwise known as LOLfromPasa. Yes, she lives in England and yes, she’s from Pasadena! You can find her at Today Around Coventry Daily Photo.

I recognized this imposing castle immediately. Here’s what Lauren says about it:

“Had to be Warwick Castle. For me….Camelot is just up that garden path.”

I’m a little jealous. On my trip to England (ages ago) when I studied at Oxford for a summer, I visited Warwick (pronounced “Warrick”). It’s magnificent, as you can see. The tour takes you through only a small part of it, though there’s plenty to see. It’s just so huge, leaving room for your imagination to wonder what further adventures hide within its walls.

The castle overlooks the river Avon, and it’s from that side that Lauren took her photo.

Thank you, Lauren!

I’m excited about the Camelot Where You Are photo contest. Be sure to return during the remainder of the week to see more entries. And stay tuned! Over the weekend we’ll vote for this week’s favorite. Last week’s winner was Chris, with King Arthur Flour.
Each weekly winner receives a free copy of Camelot & Vine upon publication, which I plan/hope/expect will be in October. Publication day, whatever day it turns out to be, will be the final day for entries. 
Send in your pic now! It’s easy to enter and anyone can do it.  
Entry details are here.

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