Welcome to the "New" Hometown Pasadena

Mar 30, 2009
Photo by Paul Click

The Colorado bridge in fall; photo by Paul Click

Since we published the first edition of Hometown Pasadena in the fall of 2006, we’ve experimented with a few online platforms in the quest to find the one that best suited the personality, information, intelligence and, well, hometown-ness of the book. Today we launch the Third Time’s a Charm version of, and this time we think we’ve got it.

Built on a WordPress platform, this new site is technically a blog but is really so much more. It contains our own blog, where you’ll find posts by members of the Hometown Pasadena team about whatever local stuff we’re into at the moment. It also has several departments: Eat & Drink, Events, Creative Types (posts about and/or by the countless creative people in the SG Valley), The Best (of anything from scones to songs for driving in Pasadena at night) and What Pasadena’s Reading, the weekly bestseller list from Vroman’s. And we’re not just about Pasadena; our hometown territory runs from Eagle Rock and Highland Park  up to La Canada, over to Sierra Madre, and down to San Gabriel and Monterey Park.

We also have a tremendously useful section that everyone needs to know about: Concierge. Here you’ll find our favorite tradespeople, professionals and artisans. This is advice everyone wants, from finding a plumber to a photographer to a dentist. No one pays to be in this section — these are personal recommendations from our writers.

Finally, I’m proud to say that is now a showcase for the region’s best blogs — and we are blessed with many. Some are news- and community-focused, like Altadenablog and Larry Wilson’s Public Eye; others are artistic, like Pasadena Daily Photo and Glimpses of South Pasadena; and others are just plain smart, fun and/or thought-provoking, like the JPL Blog and the Sierra Madre Tattler. And along with our featured blogs are more great links in our Blogroll.

I’m sorry about the unattractive Google ads, but we can no longer do all this hard work for free. I’m hoping that our hometown businesses will step in to replace Google ads with effective and incredibly affordable local content. If you’re one of those hometown businesses, e-mail me at info at

So welcome to the new We’ll have something new for you every day. Please bookmark us or add us to your RSS reader — and if you don’t know about RSS, set up a GoogleReader account right now and discover how easy it is to check into just one place a day to keep up with your favorite blogs and sites. And please post your comments — we want to know what you’re thinking and what you’d like to see us cover.

— Colleen Dunn Bates, publisher



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