Vaud & the Villians

Jun 30, 2014

Vaud and the Villains_bThere are 19 villains in Vaud and the Villains, beginning with Vaud Overstreet who’s described as “charlatan, seducer, tenor saxophone.” Born 1892.

Big Daddy’s a fence, loan shark, and slum lord. Oh yes, and fiddle man, vocals.

Shadie Sadie Sinclair probably doesn’t need to be explained. Coco Gitan is listed as a “sultry Creole queen, French chain gang escapee, specializes in crushing.”

Now, Low Down Kate is “shin kickin'” and plays banjo, bass, and guitar, while Miss Lucky Lafontaine is a gamblin’ hall madam and a soul singin’ shark. Silky is the poet, a hoofer, and singer, and Wulfie is an Overstreet brother along with being a grifter and a thief. Somehow he finds the time to play trombone.

Such are a few of the Villains who will be taking the stage on July 5th as a part of Levitt Pavilion Pasadena’s Summer Music Festival with 50 free concerts.

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Just last month, Vaud & the Villains performed at the Sacramento Music Festival. This was after they “played a big fancy party” in Antibes, France. Their audience? None other than Andrea Bocelli, John Travolta, Adrien Brody, Heidi Klum, Rosario Dawson, and “the Biebs.”


Photo courtesy of Vaud & the Villains

Photo courtesy of Vaud & the Villains


Vaud and the Villains are New Orleans jazz with a twist of cabaret, fully costumed, slightly suggestive (maybe “quite” would be a more appropriate adjective), and a whole lot of fun. Just to get a taste, here’s the verbal intro to one of their videos:

Our next villain was saved from unspeakable squalor; her own parents criminals locked away. She was hauled off to a nunnery. Wouldn’t you know it; she didn’t last one smoke. They claim she picked a nun’s pocket and told dirty jokes. Well, pickpocket ain’t much for one’s reputation. She prefers to call it financial relocation. You’re gonna want to hold it against her; she’s a victim of genetics. You’re gonna want to hold yourself her against her, because she’s got some great aesthetics. Won’t you welcome to the stage our gutter-mouth sweet patootie, our top tier doll. She’s the queen of the villains; the one, the only, Miss Peaches Mahoney:



Vaud & the Villains
Saturday, July 5th
Festival, 6:30 p.m.; concert, 8 p.m.
Levitt Pavilion, Memorial Park
Cost: Free!
For more details, visit

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