Three Cheers for Real Local Journalism

Jun 15, 2010

We had to share colleague Timothy Rutt’s post today about on his invaluable site, And as part of that, we’re re-running the photo we took when we profiled him on—because now he’s more of a hyperlocal superhero than ever. It’s damn hard to turn down a cash-paying job in this day and age, but he did just that. Altadenans, if you’re not already checking out his site daily, consider adding it to your routine. And Altadena businesses, thank you for supporting an online publication that really matters to locals.

Patch has in its crosshairs, too, but we have faith that our longtime roots in the community and our focus on quality feature writing and the truly local will help us withstand the onslaught. We are grateful to you all for your readership and for your support of our advertisers, without whom we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing.

Here’s how Tim Rutt’s piece starts:

Sometime back, a major internet service provider (you know, the one who polluted the environment with all those discs of its software during the 90’s — the internet provider you outgrew) purchased a company we shall call Poach is hiring about 300 people around the country to put up cookie-cutter local news websites.

It didn’t really concern us until a few weeks ago, when we saw that Poach was looking for an editor for an Altadena edition. Yes — not a Pasadena/Altadena edition.  Specifically an Altadena edition.  They wanted someone who could operate a laptop, snap pictures, listen to the police scanner, knew the local community, business, and politics .. basically, someone to do the job we were doing already.

So we weren’t surprised when Poach called us last week, offering us the position.  To reinforce it, someone from a local Poach site in Silicon Valley also gave us a call and a sweet, sweet siren song.

Now, it was tempting to have the opportunity not to hustle for a buck and have more resources at hand, not have to worry so much about software problems, have a few more dollars at our disposal.  But the temptation didn’t last long.

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