Three Cheers for Larry Wilson

Jul 15, 2009

rosebowlwalkersLarry Wilson, the public editor of the Pasadena Star-News and a Linda Vista resident, took a stand yesterday about the Rose Bowl Loop, the three-mile walking/cycling route around Brookside Golf Course and the Rose Bowl. He calls himself an “outlier” and in the extreme minority for calling for a ban on motor vehicles most of the time on that route.

Read his pitch here:

As a Prospect Park resident who’s been walking my dog around the Rose Bowl for more than 17 years, I say: Larry, you’re not an outlier, you’re a wise and sensible person. Other than during events, cars have no business driving around the golf course, and their presence endangers the thousands of pedestrians, cyclists, babies in strollers and dogs on leashes who use it daily. Cars also add noise and pollution to an otherwise lovely setting.

The city is asking for residents to weigh in on two proposals to improve the situation. Unfortunately, Larry’s idea to turn the route into a car-free green space isn’t one of them. But both proposals are well worth consideration. To learn about them please go to the city’s website, and please join me (and my dog, Molly) in stopping by the informal community weigh-in sessions that will be taking place on July 28 in tents next to the golf club. You can simply drop by while walking your dog or riding your bike and let your opinion be known.

Rose Bowl Loop Community Meeting
Tuesday, July 28, 5 – 7:30 p.m.
Tents at Lot K at the Brookside Golf Club

1 Response for “Three Cheers for Larry Wilson”

  1. People I know who use the Rose Bowl 4 their exercise normally use it early in the morning when vehicle traffic s/b light.
    It seems 2 me that weighing in on the CITY’s 2 proposals doesn’t exclude the RESIDENT’s knocking down the CITY’s while putting up their own 3rd way.



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