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Thoughts on Eagle Rock

Jan 14, 2010

misread city 300x221 Thoughts on Eagle Rock Scott Timberg Misread City Eagle Rock  photoThose of us in west Pasadena consider Eagle Rock our funky but engaging next-door neighbor—the house with the weedy front lawn and the great music and aromas wafting out the front door. So in that spirit we offer our friend Scott Timberg’s musings on his hometown from his blog, the Misread City. Tough times for a community in transition, but the transition marches on….

4 Responses for “Thoughts on Eagle Rock”

  1. Ann Erdman says:

    Thanks for referring us to this interesting site. I don’t get to Eagle Rock or Montrose as often as I should. I’ll have to make that a resolution for 2010!

  2. I’ve heard similar statements from de PIO before. I think Ann should just say, “I don’t get out of Citihall as often as I should!!”

  3. Petrea says:

    Oh, thanks, Colleen. Just what I need. Another fantastic blog to read. I must have 150 on my Reader (and counting).

    And I wonder why I never get anything done! (I don’t really blame you.)

  4. [...] do the folks in Pasadena think of neighboring Eagle Rock? A recent post in Hometown Pasadena offers this insight: “Those of us in west Pasadena consider Eagle Rock our funky but engaging [...]


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