The Weather ‘Round Here!

Feb 27, 2017

This has been such a wet, soggy, blustery, shivery winter—after it had gotten to a point we thought perhaps we’d never experience another one—that some people we know are pining for the drought. But on our drive up the 101 to San Francisco several weekends ago, the rolling hills, vast fields, and endless vineyards, even under a darkening rumbling sky and a few white-knuckle downpours, the brilliance of green everywhere was delightful. Here was Mother Earth healing, recovering from season after season of parched and cracking earth. As much as we admire the desert—and the spring flowers should be fantastic this year!—moist, rich dirt, old trees, and green from lawn to the highest treetop, those are what make us feel vibrant and alive.

And, the wet weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet. We’ve had thunder and wind storms, pummeling rain, sprinkles, and even small hail. And we’ve had a “sky” show that simply knocks your socks off. Mother Nature wins out, hands down.

Our thanks to Hometown Pasadena readers for sharing their “weather” pictures.

First and foremost, rain…


Photo: Flo Selfman, Public Relations & past president of IWOSC, Independent Writers of Southern California


Photo: Rosey Bell, realtor, Coldwell Banker


Photo: Cindy Rinne,


Photo: Kat Ward


Photo: Cindy Rinne,


Photo: Kat Ward



Clouds and the setting sun make for masterpieces in the sky…



Photo: Cindy Rinne,



Photo: Cindy Rinne,


Photo: Cindy Rinne,


Frost in the morning; intricate, abstract design…


Photo: Suzanne O’Shea, Suzanne O’Shea Interior Art


Photo: Suzanne O’Shea, Suzanne O’Shea Interior Art


And now, the magic of a rainbow or two…


Meredith Miller, owner of Meredith M, Altadena


Photo: Casey O’Bryan


Photo: Sarah Emery Bunn


Photo: Christine Moore, owner of Little Flower Cafe, Lincoln Pasadena, C’est La Vie


Photo: Petrea Burchard, author or Camelot & Vine and Act As If


Deb Halberstadt, HalfCity Productions


Photo: Lynn Brockmeyer Kornmann, Dilbeck Real Estate


Photo by Liz Murillo, Altadena Town & Country Club






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Lyd and Mo Photography

Louis Jane Studios

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