The Poetry Circus: It’s an Experience & It Needs our Generosity

May 16, 2017

From HP, September 2015:

Imagine reciting lines while riding a lion. How about riding one’s steed while being regaled with verse?

Well, the “poetic rides” are free at Griffith Park’s historical and restored merry-go-round at The Poetry Circus.

Favorite local writers and poets will be reading such as Ron Koertge, Kim Dower, Nicelle Davis, Douglas Kearney, and Cindy Rinne, and Poet Laureate of Los Angeles Luis J. Rodriguez is featured along with 33 established poets. Rachel Jennings contemplates “What Is a Shakespearean Fool?” with Gary Boyles and Glynis Fuller, and prepare for “The Duel of Fools!”

Besides poetry, there will be “crafts for kids, haiku balloons, a paper monster, circus performers, and freaks and geeks are not only welcome, but expected.” Chapbooks will be available for purchase at the book fair.

“Come join us, won’t you?”
—organizer and poet Nicelle Davis.

What is The Poetry Circus:
The Poetry Circus is part workshop, community outreach, performance, ride, dance, and creation. This community event blurs the line between performer and audience to allow everyone the chance to run away and join the circus.



This Year’s Poetry Circus:
This August 26, 2017—in celebration of the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment—we will host 25 women poets, performers, as well as many literary organizations and literacy outreach programs.

By presenting poetry in an alternative venue, the egalitarian characteristics of poetry are amplified. Poetry is for everyone, regardless of where we come from or how we got there; we all process and understand the world through metaphor.

Event costs quickly add up: table and chair rentals, the merry-go-round rental, food and drink, supplies for kid crafting, publishing chapbooks for attendees, costumes, and children’s puppets. The Poetry Circus needs our help—to keep the event free and open to the public, Poetry Circus needs our generosity.



The Ultimate Goal:
Raise $3,000 for the Fourth Poetry Circus (10% of all funds received will benefit NRDC).

The Poetry Circus fundraising campaign may be found at Go Fund Me. As of May 16, more than a third of the goal has been reached!




Rent Poet” Brian Sonia-Wallace sets up his “Poetry Store” table.



This year Poetry Circus has PC trading cards, which Nicelle’s just received from the printer…






Kids are joyfully welcomed and receive free rides on the merry-go-round, get their faces painted, and make crafts such as make-your-own-crown.

Have questions? Email Nicelle at

Please check out Poetry Circus’s Go Fund Me page and donate what you can; every dollar helps (and Nicelle provides a pie chart of expenses).







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