The Marathon Already?

Feb 17, 2010

I guess we’ve been too caught up in the Olympics and the Playhouse and other dramas, but somehow it’s just now sinking in that the Pasadena Marathon is Sunday morning…. and we’re guessing you might just be figuring that out, too. Full-course runners will be trotting all over town, starting at PCC at Colorado and Hill, heading southwest to Glenarm, zigzagging over to the Rose Bowl, heading up through Garfield Heights, over to Bungalow Heaven and east to Pasadena High, then heading back to PCC. Many streets will be closed for part or most of Sunday, and we Rose Bowl–adjacent residents will suffer the usual indignities; to get the details, click here. Suffice it to say that if you’re not taking part, you don’t want to be anywhere near the Rose Bowl between dawn and noon, and in fact it’s a fine day to just stay in for brunch no matter where you live.

If you’ve been meaning to sign up to run, walk or cycle and haven’t done it, it’s still not too late — you can register as late as Saturday. Besides the full marathon course, there’s a half marathon, competitive and noncompetitive 5Ks and a bike course, all of which start from the same spot. You can get the details on registration here. The route is lovely, the crowd will be lively (as many as 15,000 runners), and the weather is currently supposed to be comfortably cool and dry.



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