The Fork in My Road

Nov 9, 2009

fork-in-roadI already thought I had a great commute — it’s only five to seven minutes, and every day I get to pass lovely Arlington Garden and the happy kids playing in the field at my children’s alma mater, Sequoyah School — but now it’s gotten that much better, thanks to the Fork in the Road.

By now you have quite likely have heard about and/or seen it — it’s become a minor sensation, getting news coverage around the country and even the world. The 18-foot-tall fork, installed guerrilla style at the fork in the road where Pasadena Avenue splits into two one-way streets (St. John and Pasadena Avenue), was a birthday gift for Bob Stane, owner of the Coffee Gallery and the founder of the Ice House comedy club. His pals dressed as Caltrans workers and got it installed in one night, and we are all the beneficiaries. Whether Caltrans will let the fork stay remains to be seen, but I’m here to vote for permanent status. How can it not make a person happy?

Here’s Larry Wilson on the subject:

4 Responses for “The Fork in My Road”

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