Taking Wing

Apr 11, 2017

We are thankful to Pasadena artist Kate Carvellas as she knows a gazillion artists and continually attends art openings—exhibits about which we would never otherwise know…

“Taking Wing” at Neutra Gallery offers painting, photography, and assemblage—with insects as subjects and inspiration.

Presented by Dion Neutra and Dulce Stein, “Taking Wing” features four artists: Gwen Samuel, Sheri Neva, Wini Johnson Brewer, and Susan Savory.

Though the exhibit is up until April 20, a closing reception is scheduled for Sunday, April 16th, 4-6 p.m.

Taking Wing
Through April 20
Gallery hours: Monday, 2-6 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 4-8 p.m.
Neutra Institute Museum & Gallery
2379 Glendale Blvd., Glendale 90039


Winnie Brewer


By Winnie Brewer


By Sheri Neva


By Sheri Neva


Gwen Samuels


By Gwen Samuels


By Gwen Samuels


Susan Savory



By Susan Savory


By Winnie Brewer



Neutra Institute Museum and Gallery, “Taking Wing”


All photos courtesy of Kate Carvellas.

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