Station Fire Spreading

Aug 29, 2009

Update, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, 8/29:
— Fire continuing to spread but so far houses seem safe. Some previously evacuated neighborhoods in La Canada are now open for residents to move back.
— The city of La Canada is posting hourly updates on this site
Altadenablog remains an excellent local resource; check the Comments for reports from neighbors in the trenches.
— Bill Westphal’s wonderfully geeky blog features some amazing webcam shots of the fire, updated every five minutes: Altadena Weather Cam

Here’s a photo from our friend Bill Brummel of a DC-10 dropping flame retardant:

Hometown-pasadena’s Caroline Purvis sent these photos from about 6:30 tonight:



Fire breaking out behind JPL; courtesy of Jennifer Brandley

Fire breaking out behind JPL; courtesy of Jennifer Brandley

No doubt you’re all keeping an eye on the TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and we’re not as current here at But we do have some photos to share from our friend Jennifer Brandley, and they’re right up close. As of 5 p.m. Saturday, the estimated amount of land burning/burned is up to 20,000 acres.

Good sources to get truly local reports are:

— PasadenaPIO, the blog by Pasadena Public Information officer Ann Erdman. Her latest report: the Florencita neighborhood of northwest Pasadena is being evacuated; La Vina residents are already out. PasadenaPIO

— Altadenablog, the amazing hyper-local blog run by Timothy Rutt. He’s got a wife in the hospital, two small kids, and he’s still keeping everyone informed. Altadenablog

— The Pasadena Star-News, of course.

Flames at El Vago and Journeys End; courtesy Jennifer Brandley

Flames at El Vago and Journeys End; courtesy Jennifer Brandley

A few notes and thoughts:

— This morning my husband, Darryl, younger daughter Emily and I moved our older daughter Erin back for her sophomore year at Loyola Marymount. It was gorgeous out there on the bluff overlooking the city and the Pacific, and from there it looked like the greater Pasadena area had been hit by a nuclear bomb. Unbelievable mushroom-cloud-like smoke.

— They dropped me at Union Station on the way back, because I had to catch a train to Capistrano Beach to help my parents with a party, and then got a call from friends who live in La Crescenta but are visiting family in Ohio. Their housesitter was spooked and wanted out of there, so Darryl and Emily drove way up La Crescenta Avenue to collect their dog, computers, photos and a few other essentials. They said the fire seemed not too threatening, but the smoke was terrible. Darryl’s going back up there tonight to see if it’s smart to get more stuff out.

— Our friend Anton Anderson lives on the eastern flanks of the Arroyo up by JPL; he hasn’t left yet, but here’s his view:

Firefighters at El Vago and Journeys End; courtesy of Jennifer Brandley

Firefighters at El Vago and Journeys End; courtesy of Jennifer Brandley

7 Responses for “Station Fire Spreading”

  1. Monica Hubbard says:

    The publisher of Altadenablog is the amazing Timothy Rutt. (Tim Rutten is a columnist for the LA Times. )

  2. Thanks, Monica…. the smoke has fogged my brain. Just a typo. Duly fixed.

  3. Last I heard the fire wouldn’t be “contained” until about Sept 8th! It almost sounds like it’s just gonna burn itself out.

    With Fire Talk all around I wonder if anyone noticed it was very hot today?

  4. Skylar Sutton says:

    Last night the fire went out on my block in South Pas. It was out for about 12 hours. Due to the sporadic nature of the black out (the houses across the street were fine, it was just us on the eastern side), I’m hoping it was too many people air conditioning and not the fire… but who knows. Everything that happens is taking on a wee bit of an apocalyptic feel.

    And so many kudos for Altadenablog for their amazing coverage. I was frantically refreshing the times and the star news and nothing would come to me. But I soon realized I needed a closer source. So thank you, Altadenablog, for being fantastically informative.

  5. Thanks for the info! I’m trying to gather as much local info about the fire as I can. Cafe Pasadena, that’s so interesting that you heard it wouldn’t be contained until Sept 8th! How are they able to predict that? These pictures are crazy.

  6. Altadenablog says:

    The guy who sold us our house THOUGHT I was Tim Ruttan!

  7. […] Colleen D. “Station Fire Spreading.” August 29, 2009. Date accessed: November 22, […]



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