South Pas Arts Crawl

Oct 21, 2012

Painting by Karen Hansen

They call it South Pasadena’s “neighborhood night-on-the-town.”

In reality, it’s an evening of hopping from gallery to gallery, listening to a smattering of live music, locating the kid-friendly activities, and taking advantage of the numerous discounts offered by the shops along this historic district on Mission Street.

SPACE Arts Center will host the closing reception for Karen Green, and there will be group shows at SPMC Gallery, Fremont Gallery, Tah Gallery. SOPA Studios will also have wine and music.

Santa Fe Crafts has invited an artist of American Native heritage to demonstrate jewelry making, marbling artist Barb Skoog and printmaker Annika Buxman will demonstrate inside Book ‘Em Mysteries and DeMilo Design, and the retro trio “The Podunk Poets” will perform at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist.

Payke Gymnastics’ parking lot will see the creation of a chalk mural and everyone is invited to participate in this interactive, hands-on activity. Videotheque will project a classic scary movie on the wall of the Meridian Ironworks Museum, which will also be selling “cannonball” pumpkins (sounds messy, maybe painful).

Food trucks such as Rolling Burger Barns, Jose O’Malley’s, Mesohungry, and Dosatruck will be on hand, and Mix ‘n Munch is offering “Breakfast for Dinner” (family favorite!).

The Dinosaur Farm will be discounting art supplies for the evening (15% off), while other Mission Street favorites like Marz, Rue de Mimo, and Camille’s will be having sales. Zinnia will be selling all Halloween merchandise at half-price. We urge anyone who’s loved Zinnia over the years to come and visit because they’re closing the shop and focusing on e-commerce. It will be difficult walking by and not seeing their creative windows and browsing their cluttered, eclectic, fanciful, creatively magical shop. So, take a night on the town in South Pasadena for a shopping, eating, craft-making, pub drinking, and arts crawl.

South Pasadena Arts Crawl
Saturday, Oct. 27th, 5-9 p.m.
Primarily along Mission Street, Fair Oaks, Fremont, and Hope
For more info, visit



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