Mar 28, 2016

12717837_1238834849466392_2527217394357753250_nAs we listened to the instrumental introduction of “Businessmen” by SnowApple, our first impression was of Safaris’ “Wipe Out.” When the vocals began, we thought of 1940s and 50s club singers or chanson in Paris. Three voices in harmony with operatic notes and the music bold and sometimes discordant, the overall sound is folk-ish while also alternative, as well as hints of pop and jazz.

SnowApple, an all-female band from The Netherlands plays at the Coffee Gallery Backstage on Saturday, April 2. Between the women, they play guitar, violin, mandoline, keys, flute, accordion, and percussion, and if they’re not singing “Le Clown et La Fleuriste” or “Hett Witte Zeil,” Laura, Una, and Laurien of SnowApple perform in English.




Laurien has an international career as an opera singer, but also finds time to moonlight with gypsy-punk groups, model the outfits of up-and-coming Dutch fashion designer Mo Benchellal and read post-graduate physics at the University of Amsterdam.


Photo by SnowApple; Berlin

Photo by SnowApple; Berlin


Una is a talented jazz singer who has worked with numerous bands from across the Netherlands and France. She is also the daughter of the celebrated and much-loved South African jazz saxophonist/composer, Sean Bergin (1948-2012), who first found notoriety by performing illegally with black township musicians in defiance of the Apartheid regime.


Laura is a singer, composer and conductor from Latvia who has lived and worked as a musician in the Netherlands since 2007. Her musical background of Latvian folk music and 12 years of European academic music studies complements a strong interest in modern jazz and the popular music of Brazil, along with a more recent exploration of singer-songwriter compositions. Laura was awarded the Best Composition Prize in the 2012 Dutch Jazz Competition.




Saturday, April 2nd, 2 p.m.
Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena 91001
Tickets: $18
Make reservations by calling 1.626.798.6236, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
For more info, visit







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