Snow Days

Jan 22, 2010

A glimpse of local snow in a brief parting of the storm clouds.

Storm #4 got cold enough to give the San Gabriels a healthy shot of snow, and this weekend you’re likely to want to get into some elevation for some sledding, skiing or snowman-making fun. But there are challenges. At this writing, Angeles Crest Highway in La Cañada is closed from about 14 miles northeast of La Cañada to Islip Saddle because of a mudslide, but you can still get up to some snow action in that first 14 miles. Just be prepared for possible traffic and the risk of slides. Several of the main roads that connect off of Angeles Crest, including Angeles Forest Highway, Mt. Wilson Red Box Road and Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road, are closed because of slides or risk of slides.

The great news for skiers is that Mt. Waterman has returned, and thanks to the storms has enough snow to open. The bad news is that you can’t get there until Angeles Crest Highway reopens. Check for details.

And if you’re thinking about a quick run up to Big Bear for snow this weekend, be advised that as of Friday evening, several sections of road were closed, and chains are required everywhere. Traffic could be hideous. On the other hand, Snow Summit has seven feet of fresh snow, so that might be just too hard to pass up.

You can keep current on storm-based road closures here.

As for the weather going forward, the National Weather Service says we’re looking at a relatively dry weekend, with another moderate storm system coming in sometime around Monday evening or Tuesday, and by Wednesday we should start drying out.

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