SMArt Walk

Jul 28, 2013

Sierra Madre is not one to be left behind. After Pasadena’s ArtNight and South Pasadena’s Art Crawl, this little nook nestled up in the hillside above the 210 will hold its own celebration of everything art with the Sierra Madre Art Walk or SMArt Walk.

Formally launched by local businesses, artists, and musicians, S.M.’s art walk is meant “to encourage interaction between local artists and the public by providing artists with a supportive network that fosters the creative economy.”

Artist Raul Santos will be at the delectable Four Seasons Tea Room and ceramist Anne Tryba will be at AKA Fotographix, along with photographer Andrew Kasiske. Creative Arts Group will host Reid Takahashi and Lorie Oliver with their ceramics and metal ink drawing, and Savor the Flavor will have Lori Westmoreland flowers. Candlemaker Claudia Kuntze of La Chandelle Candles will exhibit at and cartoonist Teresa Logan will hold court at The Shabby Dog.

Artwork by Karen Bagnard

Artwork by Karen Bagnard

Children’s art will be on display at Renaissance Fine Art Classes, and you can pick among semi-precious stones and crystals  by Laura Hirsh at the Butterfly Effect Day Spa. Even the local car joint, Sierra Madre Independent Honda Service is hosting artists: Ladislav Czernek (very cool furniture) and Djbril N’Doye (mixed media). And no matter who the artist on exhibit, don’t miss the “ode to the arts” Belle’s Nest (reviewed here).

Of course, you’ll have to stop in at Mother Moo Creamery (interview here), and for a glass of wine with your art ($5 a glass, red or white), visit Zugo’s Café and P.E. Deans with artist Alexandra Dean Grossi.

There will be 3 more chances to sample the art in Sierra Madre: the first Friday of month in August, October, and December.

SMArt Walk
Friday, August 2nd, 5-9 p.m. (followed by Oct. 4th and Dec. 6th)
Along Sierra Madre Blvd., Baldwin Ave., and Montecito Ave. (see map here)
For complete info, visit or call 626.470.7046

Le Tamisage (Sifting Couscous Flour) by Djibril N'Doye

Le Tamisage (Sifting Couscous Flour) by Djibril N’Doye

"Maya" (ceramic) by Anne Tryba

“Maya” (ceramic) by Anne Tryba




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