Purple Happy Trees

Jun 2, 2009

Just in time to brighten the June gloom is our annual explosion of jacaranda blossoms. For clean-up reasons, I’m grateful not to have one at my house, but I’m especially grateful to the neighborhoods that host them for all of our enjoyment. Here are a couple of shots from Pasadena’s Jacaranda Row, aka Del Mar Boulevard. I’ve also admired the parade of purple on Mentone just north of Washington. 

Where else are you seeing spectacular purple blooms?


9 Responses for “Purple Happy Trees”

  1. vicki pasadena ca says:

    I live on South Grand, lots here too!!!

  2. These are wonderful shots! I think I love the fallen petals on the street even more than the actual trees. There is something so fairy-tale/whimsical about these beautiful trees.

  3. Skylar says:

    South Pas is full of them. I like watching cars drive past the fallen petals and fling them into the air, where they do a small dance before falling back to the ground. They are incredibly sticky, it must be said, but I love them anyway.

  4. Petrea says:

    It seems they’re everywhere. I love these trees, and these are beautiful shots. I have to admit, though, I wouldn’t want one in my yard. It’s not because of the mess. They have a subtle smell I’m not crazy about.

  5. Alexander says:

    just beautiful! wish i could walk underneath them…. great view

  6. Ben Wideman says:

    Wow, some of the best shots I’ve seen in a while of the Jacaranda.

  7. Lena from Ontario Canada says:

    I just visited Pasadena for the first time and fell in love with these beautiful purple Jacaranda trees. What a site for sore eyes having come from Ontario, Canada!

    I would never have dreamed a tree could produce such a lovely shade of purple. Amazing!!!

  8. colleen says:

    Thanks, Lena from Ontario! Come back to Pasadena soon!!



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