Prepare for the “Drought”

Mar 14, 2011

Ever feel like maybe we’re just a bit too obsessed with the perfection of our lawns here in Pasadena? A recent notice from the Pasadena City Council declaring a ten-day water shutdown due to a necessary seismic retrofit of the F.E Weymouth Water Treatment Plant in LaVerne provides ample evidence of this suspicion. In fact, the only way this so-called “shutdown” will effect our lives as citizens of the San Gabriel Valley is that for ten grueling days, we will be strictly banned from watering our precious greenery. Instead of having the normal 250 million gallons of water at our disposal for this period, we will have to make do with our groundwater reserves, which total 150 million gallons—still plenty for drinking water, showers, laundry and other household needs.

Never fear, civilians! In order to ensure that we don’t become too panicked about the state of our roses (even though horticultural experts have ensured that given the rain this season, the soil should hold onto moisture for this week-and-a-half “drought” just fine), the city is offering us a deal—for the week before and after the March 18-27th watering ban, we will be granted permission to water our lawns every single day if we so choose. So those so inclined can still maintain Seattle-green yards in this semi-desert climate. Things could be a lot worse, Pasadena.

For more information on the temporary water restraints, go to
Water Shortage Hotline: 626.744.8888

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  1. Earth, The Water Planet is suffering through another drought!



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