Pasadena: The Calendar

Nov 14, 2011

Ever since we published the first version of Hometown Pasadena (the book, that is), we’ve been tossing around the idea of producing a calendar. But now there’s no need, because our friend Petrea Burchard has done it. Many of you know her as the multi-talented woman behind Pasadena Daily Photo. She shoots photographs, she writes, she acts, and she’s an all-around gal about town. Now she’s jumped into the publishing fray, creating a gorgeous 2012 calendar of Pasadena photos that represent our fair city without resorting to the clichés.

You can buy the calendar on, and you’ll find the link to it on this Pasadena Daily Photo post. We think it’ll be the must-have gift this season—after our own books, of course.

She shot the photo below, in case you can’t place it, at Hahamongna. Petrea pins the location thusly: “It’s in one of the small spreading basins that’s rarely used. The benches get moved around a lot so they’re no longer in that same spot. This is the one where the badminton net used to be, just north of the drinking fountain by a few feet.”

The August photograph



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