Pasadena Artists Place in “ALL MEDIA” Show

Sep 3, 2017

ALL MEDIA exhibit; photo by Michael Ares for the OC County Register.


Congratulations to Pasadena artists Kira Vollman, Meriel Stern, Leah Knecht, and Holly Boruck.

Their works of art were accepted for inclusion in the 2017 ALL MEDIA at Irvine Fine Arts Center, which is on view through October 28.

Vollman’s piece Deception and Stern’s Domestic Flow received particular recognition.


1st Place: Kira Vollman, Deception


3rd place: Meriel Stern’s Domestic Flow

Meriel Stern, Domestic Flow. Photo by Leah Knecht.



Photo credit: Irvine Fine Arts Center.


Below: Leah Knecht, Worship (2017), 32″ x 24″ x 6”. Model ship hull, antique rifle parts, bullets, and flags hand-crafted out of money.


Art and photo by Leah Knecht.


This piece is a statement on the primitive nature of military power and influence, or more generally, our nation’s love of guns and money. It is a visual pun, and the idea came to me when Trump falsely claimed our navy ships were headed to North Korea, when in fact they were headed the opposite direction. It just was so absurd!
—Leah Knecht


Below: Holly Boruck, Cathy J., part of “Zeitgeist Portraits.”


Holly Boruck, Cathy J.


“Zeitgeist Portraits”

I began this work through a residency at The Andalucía where the public was invited to participate. People were asked to respond physically to my question, posing for photos from which I am creating a series of portraits that reflect our times: Zeitgeist Portraits.

My Question: What is your outlook, response, frame of mind about the current state of the world?

“Zeitgeist Portraits” is a body of work that communicate a direct, emotional, physical, and wordless reaction my question. We are most certainly living in ‘interesting times’. As a visual artist, my way of making sense of, and communicating most authentically about the world is wordless but not silent. In this body of work my goal is to capture the richness of the human experience through the gesture of our bodies, reflecting intellect, emotions and spirit simultaneously.
—Holly Boruck


Other works of art on exhibit…


Andrea Bersaglieri, Creep.


Irin Mahaparn, Flesh Studies.


Hannah Lupton-Reid, Lucy in a Green Sweater.


ALL MEDIA runs through October 28, 2017. Admission and parking are free. Exhibit hours: Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, closed.

Irvine Fine Arts Center, 14321 Yale Ave., Irvine 92604 (in Heritage Park). Ph: 1.949.724.6880.

For more details, visit



Carlos Grasso, Mosaic 9 Red States of Mind; photo by Michael Ares for the OC County Register.






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