Pachamama: World Mother

May 26, 2014

We Are Family by Virginia VieraIn early literature, she was depicted as “a cruel goddess eager to collect her sacrifices,” which included elaborate miniature garments, as well as llamas. Today, Pachamama, revered by the indigenous people of the Andes is regarded as benevolent and giving, as nature itself; a “dragoness fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting” (BroomCloset).

In Peru, everything in life begins, exists, and ends in direct dialogue and communion with Pachamama, the collective of the land itself. The land exists both inside and outside of time and space, as spirit and matter. The natural world is an expression of Pachamama what is born from the land and is returned to the land, in an ongoing cycle of death and rebirth. (Deborah Byron, Lessons of the Inca Shamans)

Pilates & Arts in Echo Park is hosting an opening reception for “Pachamama,” a group show that includes local artist J Michael Walker. Joining him will be Silvana Ward, Virginia Viera (We Are Family, top right), Rita Williams, and Robert Quijada.

Living art by Rita Williams

Living art by Rita Williams


The synthesis of the Virgin Mary and Pachamama is evident in art of the region – and in the presence of The Black Madonna and the Virgin of Guadalupe. Works in the group exhibit at Pilates & Arts ~ Echo Park feature art inspired by Pachamama. Some pieces, the result of studies of Andean cosmology and participation in Quero ceremony and rituals. Some, a celebration of Mother Earth. Some, depictions of the Madonna/Goddesses of Latin American culture. (Facebook events page)

Owner Tannis Kobrinsky offers certified pilates instruction, as well as dance and martial arts classes. Additionally, “P&A exhibits arts and hosts After Pilates hours; intimate gatherings celebrating all art forms and community.”

Friday, May 30th, 7-10 p.m.
Pilates & Arts, 1844 Echo Park Ave., L.A. 90026
For details, visit event Facebook page or call 323.913.9460


J Michael Walker, Las Floreadas (one in a series), colored pencils on paper

J Michael Walker, Las Floreadas (one in a series), colored pencils on paper


By Virginia Viera

By Virginia Viera





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