Our Wild Wind Event: Updated All Day

Dec 1, 2011

A 100-year-old deodar in Prospect Park was fully uprooted by the windstorm.

The Pasadena and Foothills area was slammed by winds overnight and daybreak delivered the expected mayhem – power outages, fallen trees, downed power lines and structure fires… and there’s more coming tonight.

Make yourself another cup of coffee and do the city a favor—stay off the streets today. All local schools are closed; see list below. Also, we’re updating as we get news today—keep scrolling down for more.

City crews from the Pasadena Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works Department and Pasadena Water and Power have been responding all night throughout Pasadena. We heard them, along with the gusts that hit 97 miles an hour.

So stay inside, read a good book and don’t call 911 unless its an emergency – all good advice we’re sure you’re already heeding.

Two information phone lines have been established for the public:  626.564.0199 and 626.564.0299 and the city website at is being updated as necessary.

Pasadena residents and others who want to sign up for local alerts can click here.

Another tree down in the San Rafael neighborhood

Schools closed include:
Pasadena Unified School District (Closed Friday)
Arcadia Unified School District (Closed Friday)
South Pasadena Unified School District (Closed Friday)
La Canada Unified School District
San Marino Unified School District
Alhambra Unified School District (Closed Friday)
Monrovia Unified School District (Closed Friday)
San Gabriel Unified School District (Closed Friday)
Temple City School District (Closed Friday)
Pasadena City College
Fuller Seminary Pasadena
Westridge School (Closed Friday)

Your publisher's front yard

Flintridge Preparatory School
Sequoyah School (Closed Friday)
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
Mayfield Senior
Mayfield Junior
La Salle High School
St. Francis
Waverly (Closed Friday)
Maranatha (closed Friday)

Strangely, Glendale Unified schools are open, including the La Crescenta schools, which have no power.

Added 11:30 a.m.: Here’s a message that Mayor Bill Bogaard sent to city workers and the media:

A tree, a sidewalk and a Mustang all destroyed, in Altadena. Photo by David Snowden.

This is a brief report from my perspective on the emergency response which is currently underway at Pasadena City Hall emergency operations center.

Staff has been working all night and one of the immediate priorities is managing staff availability with the need for opportunities for rest on the part of those involved. A shift change occurs at 7:00 p.m. when personnel who are refreshed will take over from those who have worked all day.

It is reported that four persons suffered burn injuries, perhaps some severe, from several fires that occurred in the course of the nighttime hours.  In addition, a residential structure was damaged by a falling tree and approximately 35 persons are being housed temporarily at Robinson Park.

The management team is working smoothly and effectively. This is clearly a time when the training and talent, and the competence and commitment, of our staff is called upon fully to respond to the needs of this community.

Power pole snapped in Altadena. Photo courtesy Los Angeles Times.

The priorities at present are completing an assessment of the current situation; clearing the streets from what appears to be extensive blockage from fallen trees and plants; and restoration of electric service to PWP customers.

The assessment should be complete by mid-day, and at that time the staff estimate for street clearance will be available.  Power restoration is underway, having dealt with a maximum outage of 6,300 customers which at present has fallen below 5,000.  The forecast calls for high winds through the next 24 hours, but let us hope the weather improves much sooner than that.

PUSD, PCC, and other schools are closed, and the City is urging persons to remain at home if at all possible to avoid congestion on the City streets as the clearance effort proceeds.

Keeping the public fully informed is a major priority, and the EOC management team is focused on that very effectively.  If anyone has special needs or requests, please contact Jana or Lorain so the information can be passed on as quickly as possible. 


From our Facebook friends: Temple City is particularly hard hit and has no power and is basically non-functional. South Pasadena has no water. Two huge deodars down on Christmas Tree Lane, and many more branches. The opening of the street may not happen on time. Orange Grove is a giant mess—avoid it!

From AYSO Region 13:  Due to the winds, damage, and debris, all fields are CLOSED and practices CANCELLED for Thursday, 12/1/11.

Stay tuned – several schools/districts are cancelling classes for Friday as well, so far Maranatha H.S. and Arcadia Unified have cancelled for Friday.

Correction:  Montrose Christmas Parade is ON for Saturday night. Go see Santa!


Tree down in the Lombardy Road area. Photo by Meg Vail.

Many cars in the area got "branched"—some are totalled





2 Responses for “Our Wild Wind Event: Updated All Day”

  1. Scott says:

    Actually, I ‘borrowed’ that photo from the LA Times-

  2. Chris says:

    The Montrose Christmas Parade is on as scheduled and we look forward to having you all in attendance on Saturday night. Please check out website for the real news.



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