Netflix “Netflixed” at Vroman’s

Oct 15, 2012

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings courtesy of

Collecting data, optimizing the utilization of consumer behavioral patterns, and in 1997, a little upstart company called Netflix that eventually turned the video rental world upside down and eviscerated Blockbuster.

Gina Keating is a former reporter at Reuters who became intrigued by the public story about the company’s beginning as repeatedly told by CEO Reed Hastings and the little known history (and truth) about co-founder Marc Randolph and the rest of Netflix’s founding group. Keating states in an interview with CNET News, “He (Randolph) was an incredibly important character and he’s just nowhere in the company lore.” And, “many people told me that Reed doesn’t have that human…they call it an emotional IQ of zero.”

Hear about one of the new millennium’s best known and successful businesses—its behind-the-scenes battles for supreme power, its advanced intelligence gathering, heightened creativity and output—tonight at Vroman’s when author Gina Keating discusses and signs Netflixed: the Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs.

Netflixed by Gina Keating
Monday, Oct. 15th 7 p.m.
Vroman’s, 695 E. Colorado Blvd.
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