LitFest @ Doo Dah

Apr 28, 2012

LitFest Crew: Bradley Thompson, Peggy Sue Davis, Michele Zack, and Billy Goldstein

A handful of literary folk somewhat out of their element, braved the bold, wacky, and superlatively creative Doo Dah Parade.

Committee members from LitFest Pasadena (coming your way May 12th), joined the throngs of enthusiastic entrants and marched along Colorado Boulevard in East Pasadena flashing—a “flasher” book is their logo—thousands of ogling and bemused onlookers.

Come along for the ride:

Dancing the night away at 10 in the morning.

Bringing the twang and the country.

Playing pool with no cues.

Dressing up pets: one of America’s favorite pastimes. Dressing as pets, too.

What would a parade be without a few Cheesus Chrusts.

This family float was called “We Want Candy!”

A sign atop the guillotine read “PUSD: Let Them Eat Cake.” The girl playing Marie Antoinette played it very straight for the camera….

More political statements.

Though we don’t know how this man chose this particular interpretation for his outfit, he was with a group that was advocating legalizing marijuana.

The police were busy scooting around everyone in pursuit of a sprinkled cupcake.

Some entrants were rather large, and a tad intimidating.

When your love for beer makes you do…anything.

The bright and effervescent Red Hat Ladies.

Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread? All the way from Vegas, baby.

This next image has no explanation whatsoever.

Lovely women with parasols.

Some with creepy guys around them.

This float came complete with dinner guests dressed in gowns and black tie, pedaling their dining table set with real glassware and china. One of the LitFest Pasadena members was seen scarfing a scone filched from their table.

We’re not sure what one does as a member of this next group, though it looks intriguing and possibly alarming.

A cross between Road Warrior and biker chics…with hoola hoops.

And we end with an eruption of color and too-tight shorts posing for the cameras. Doo Dah!

LitFest Pasadena: a community-wide book festival
Saturday, May 12th, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Central Park (275 S. Raymond Ave.)
Over 40 exhibitors, 2 interviews, ten panels, a chamber choir, dramatic readings, Chefs Center food trucks, a Quidditch demonstration, a Shakespearean troupe, and storytelling by Little Junebugs.
For more info, visit








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  1. Your photos are great and I love your captions!



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